Running A Business Is Hard. Let Us Help

Running a business can be stressful. Trust us to take care of you fully with our TCS Express. We make sure all your company's technology is running smoothly and safe. Its like hiring your own personal IT Technician. We strive to support you in any way you need. Find out more details below.

Check Out The Difference! By Using TCS Express

Without TCS Express

Normal Pricing / Per Visit & Device

Pricing If You Choose To Not Use TCS Expess
  • Operating System & Firmware Updates. $55 Per Device
  • Network Environment Updates & Maintenance. $105 Per Hour
  • Virus & Malware Scan and Removal. $165 Per Device
  • Printer Firmware Updates. $75
  • File & Domain Server Management. $105 Per Hour
  • Website Backup and Management. One Time Backup $55
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TCS Express

$255 / Every 3 Months

Price will vary base on number of devices and network environment
  • Operating System & Firmware Updates (4 Devices)
  • Network Modem and Router + Mesh Firmware Updates
  • Virus & Malware Scan and Removal on (4) Devices
  • Printer Firmware Updates
  • File & Domain Server Management W/ Full Backup
  • Website Backup and Management. (Only Offered With TCS Express)
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Why Should I Use TCS Express?

With TCS Express it is like getting your own personal IT Technician. We make sure your business is running exactly how you want it to while also making suggestions to help get better performance from your technology.

We will help you create the perfect network environment and manage it for you
When you call us for an onsite call you take priority over others
TCS Express helps keep your entire system up and running smoothly and safely

Have More Than 4 Devices?

Below is additional pricing based off your needs and network environment. Have questions? Call us today and let us know!

1-4 Devices: $255
5-7 Devices: $450
8-15 Devices: $650

Devices is strictly any type of computer or tablet. This DOES NOT include servers, printers, or network environments.

Common Questions

Any contract for TCS Express are one year. From the date you sign the contract you will have full coverage of TCS Express. You can renew or extend your contract anytime.

By Default you will receive the following services from us.

  • Computer System & Firmware Updates.
  • Network Modem / Router Firmware Updates.
  • Virus & Malware Scan and Removal.
  • Printer & Scanner Updates.
  • Server Updates & Management.
  • Website Backup & Management

Based on your contract you can receive additional services or software packages.

If your website is non existent or is not owned by your company we can fix that. For additional costs we can do everything you would need to have your own website setup properly. From transferring domains to building new websites.

We build and manage servers for over 40 companies within the surrounding areas. If you think your company can use a server we will come out and help you make that decision that best fits your companies needs.

TCS Express is designed for us to help manage your environment. Once you sign we will schedule within five days your first visit from us. After that every three months we will again schedule a date within 5 days of the three month mark and provide these services all over again. This will get you four times we come out and provide our services. After that 4th time you will have to renew your contract.

Sometimes things go wrong and that is why we are here to fix it. Additional charges can accrue even if you're signed up for TCS Express. Anything not specified in your contract will require a normal service call for us to troubleshoot and fix. If you need to replace hardware or software this is also something not covered by TCS Express.

When we do our initial setup we record your devices MAC address to keep track of what you currently have. If throughout this period you upgrade your device the options you have are to swap out the old one to be placed in your TCS Express Contract or upgrade your plan to one that supports more devices. This can be done at any time. 

Every business is different and we cater to this when we support your setup. When we are there providing everything TCS Express comes with as needed we will make recommendations to help better protect or run your technology in your business. Any recommendations you decide to go with are not included with TCS Express. 


Our goal is to help your company's technology needs be met and help you have that piece of mind knowing everything is running smoothly and safe.